Military & Defense

Military & Defense Investment Casting

Military & defense castings include components for vehicles, aircraft and firearms. These parts are cast using a diverse range of alloys and are required to meet strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure durability, reliability and safety.

Military & Defense Castings

Engineered Precision Casting Co. is ISO-9000 and AS9100 certified, NADCAP accredited for non-destructive testing, and can provide investment casting services that meet MIL spec, ASTM and other military and defense requirements. With decades of investment casting experience, you can trust our foundry to handle designs with complex geometries and provide castings that meet the stringent guidelines of the military and defense industry.

We cast over 75 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys including nickel-base alloys, cobalt-base alloys, carbon steel, and aluminum and will work with you to find the best material for your military castings. Our injection tooling, fixture fabrication and investment casting are also performed in-house to control every step of the casting process and ensure accuracy and quality.

Examples of investment castings provided for military and defense applications include:

  • Armament components
  • Actuator components
  • Fin castings

Connect with Us to Learn More About Investment Casting for Military Applications 

Engineered Precision Casting Co. provides investment castings with tight tolerances for military and defense applications. Submit your CAD drawing for a quote or contact us to discuss options for military castings.

AS9100 Registered Aerospace Quality System. NADCAP approved for Nondestructive Testing, Welding, Heat Treating and Hardness Testing